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Celebrating Womanhood with Crisscross

The world is run by the Women and the progressing world is always for celebrating Womanhood and Woman Empowerment. So this time the Baghajatin Tarun Sangha took the initiative to come forward the noble cause. 

The club came up and the women members of the club made props based on the new Bengali movie Crisscross as the movie is based on Woman Empowerment. Out of the strong and bold cast of the movie Actress Priyanka Sarkar was present there and was really delighted to be a part of it.

All the members of Baghajatin Sangha Club was given an opportunity to be present at the 1st day 1st show at theatres of Crisscross.Even actress Priyanka Sarkar says that the movie Crisscross is very much relatable to the Women of this very time so it is a must-watch movie.