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Ilish Mongol - the fishy affair at Floatel

Welcome to the Mouthwatering Monsoon.
Have you all filled in out your date with ‘queen of fish’ yet? If not then please enroll up as only for a few days she’s here at FLOATEL.

Monsoon is definitely a season for hilsa and ilish, fondly known for its unique taste and sliver-like appearance. These fishes also swim well, for they’ve to travel for miles in the ocean to spawn their eggs.

Some of the most delicious breeds of hilsa are from river padma in Bangladesh and river rupnarayan in Hooghly and river Ganges. ‘Padda r ilish’ & ‘ganga r ilish’ are usually the ones found. Also, there’s Nona ilish and salty ilish(saltwater hilsa) but they’re comparatively not as tasty as their counterparts in fresh and clean water.

There are several ways to cook and present the fishes. One can either smoke, fry, dry, bake, stew them with egg plants, coconuts and mangoes and more. Like the past years, the ritual is been carried ahead by FLOATEL which is showcasing the queen at ‘the bridge’ it’s the round malty cuisine restaurant at the third deck level of the ship and which is like 85 feet above the water presenting the entire view of beautiful Hooghly.

Some of the hilsa recipies that should be showcased are Gandhraj ilish, Doi ilisher malai curry, Sorse bhapa ilish, boneless ilish or sorse ilish etc.

FLOATEL being attached to all the Bengalis, knows the best a Bengali would die for a portion of ilish. This was taken forward by CHORJPOD and MONGAL KAVYA.

the timings for the lunch are - 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm 
Also, for the dinner - 7:30 pm to 11:30 pm.
Here’s a slight view at the menu :- 
Epar banglar sorse fish - ilish steamed and cooked with a tangy taste of mustard and green chilli. 
Opar banglar ilish bhapa is similar to as that of epar sorse fish. 
Gandhraj ilish - Ilish that is lemon flavoured, gandhraj. 
Ilshe pulao - a famous rice dish by Bangladesh. 
Boneless hilsa - grilled with mustard, kind of fried. 
And much more.