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20 years ago, Pace IIT & Medical had embarked upon a difficult journey to create an impact on the lives of young minds  and in the years to follow Pace has been able to get closer to their goals.Pace believes that financial barriers should not stop young minds from achieving their dreams and helped educate one such young girl, Tiyasa Majumder, daughter of a taxi driver whose dream was to become a doctor.

One of Pace's finest student,Tiyasa has recently cleared her medical entrance examination and has managed to secure a position at West Bengal's top medical college, R.G.Kar Medical College.
On Saturday 7th July,2018,at the Pace Exide More Centre ,Celebrated actor & Rj Mir along with Tiyasa and her family launched #TiyasarKhoj,a film by Pace as a tribute to her undying quest to achieve her dream of being a doctor, Pace also has launched a website called www.tiyasarkhoj.com for similar aspirants like her.

The website has been launched to inspire thousands of other girls and boys to dare to dream to become what they want.The entire initiative is rooted in the socio- economic fabric of West Bengal and aims to invite participation from the people of Bengal to come forward and nominate someone they know who deserves higher education.Once nominated, the candidate will be verified and if found deserving, they will get full support from Pace for their coaching fee and in some spceial cases, their engineering and medical college fee.

Speaking on the occasion,Rohit Agarwal,Director of Pace Kolkata, said ,"Pace Kolkata is very proud of our student Tiyasha who inspired us to launch the #TiyasarKhoj initiative where we will give 1 cr of scholarships in next one month".
speaking on the occasion, Vivek Modi, CEO of YellowBulbs, said - "it's been more than a year since we launched Pace in Kolkata. Tiyasa's success story inspired us to conceive and create a spcial film dedicated to her and her parents".

This film was shot in June 2018 by Suman Sen(Director) and prodcued by YellowBulbs. The original sountrack was created by the famous camposer Biplav singh Rajput. Watch the film here :