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At The Still Point Act II to be held on 7th & 8th July at Kolkata Centre For Creativity with BODY SENSE

                                                                    At the Still Point
                                          A community effort to curate and present dance
At the Still Point by Artsforward is an opportunity to present extraordinary dance musings and movements in Kolkata across a variety of venues. The events would be curated to present artists whose work are unusual in content or context and would contribute to contemporary relevant social and political discourse. Beyond performances the initiative would also curate talks, screenings, interactions and other possible ways of interacting with art/dance lovers of Kolkata.

Credit: Diya Naidu (Rorschach Touch):  Dannilla Donald Correya 

The platform is crowd funded or funded in kind by individuals or organisations who choose to support/partner the platform and the work it intends to present.

At The Still Point Act II will be held on 7th & 8th of July at Kolkata Centre for Creativity with BODY SENSE: In these times of vile and violent attacks on the body, choreographers Divya Naidu and Avantika Bahl tell us to stop and just listen. Listen to the body talk!

This sort of work is totally different from our regular daily norms, and is of distant quality, experimental and bold with some edgy content in it.

At The Still Point Act I was held at Range Gallery in January, 2017 with QUEEN-SIZE: a response to section 377 of the Indian Penal Code that criminalises homosexuality in India, Queen-size is a choreographic exploration that takes the form of a detailed study of the intimacy between two men.

Credit : Avantika Bahl (Say, What?) : Sajna Sivan

Act II Body Sense
In these times of vile and violent attacks on the body, two women choreographers tell us to stop and just listen. Listen to the body talk!

                                     Rorschach Touch by Diya Naidu from Bangalore (80 min)
                                                       Saturday, 7th July, 2018 at 4pm

Rorschach Touch is an exploration of perception in the context of gendered bodies, but with the wish to go beyond gendered limitations. It hopes to ask the viewer, "How do you see?" While it invites you to get close and personal with the performers by really leaning in, it also gives you a sensorial experience brought about by movement and touch. The work is intimate and asks you to be present, to sink in, to get carried away, and also to look into your own self. It is a deeply personal work and treats the body and its states with sensitivity, humour, and intense candour. The hope is that while you watch the performers, you will really be witnessing yourself, getting to know what disturbs or stimulates you, what interests or offends you, even what you desire and shy away from, and how you interpret.

Credit : Diya Naidu (Rorschach Touch):  Dannilla Donald Correya 

Say, What
Say, What? focuses on the interaction between two people who slide between using
and abandoning codified language.

                                        Say, What? by Avantika Bahl from Mumbai (55 min)
                                                        Sunday, 8th July, 2018 at 7:30pm

As the audience encounters various conversations that are set up in space using sign language as a point of entry, the role of gesture is re-interpreted and demystified within the realm of communication. By lending itself to abstract proportions, this piece opens up a world of meaning
making that is both embodied and visceral in nature.

Choreographed by: Avantika Bahl
Collaborator: Vishal Sarvaiya
Performed by: Vishal Sarvaiya and Avantika Bahl
Dramaturgy: Arghya Lahiri
Light Design: Sarah Büchel
Produced by: The Mumbai Assembly
Supported by: Pro Helvetia-Swiss Arts Council

Paramita Saha (Credit: Sammya Brata Mullick)

This is a very new and uncommon subject to Kolkata people, so support this event with your ability.
The event will take place at the Kolkata Centre for Creativity on this 7th and 8th of July.