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The 25th annual Bharat Nirman awards held at Kalamandir.

Bharat Nirman is inspired by late Srimati Indira gandhi and Was established by late M C bhanadri in 1980 .He died in 1988 in a massive heart attack hence the working of this organization continued in the same way shown by this legend and later Sri Ashok Kalanoriya took the charge of this organization as chairman.

 This year Bharat Nirman Awards were presented to 17 people for different achivments in life. It was held at Kalamandir on 23rd June.
Sri bharat J Mehera bags Bharat Nirman Award 2018 for social welfare activities. Sri Raza Murad was given the award for his achievements in films. Sri Gurbux Singh was awarded lifetime achievement award in sports category and Sri Prem Chopra was given living legend award for his invaluable contribution in Indian Cinemas. Sri Prahladh Roy  Agarwala won the entrepreneurship achievers award.

Bharat Nirman believes an individual can conquer the world if he develops his own natural qualities and then imbibes those of others which can suitably be added to his own. As well as a nation also develops if it gets development from its inner side.

Bharat Nirman promotes and helps various sectors of country like agriculture,health, rural development, art and crafts, solar energy etc.
We bring to you some of the exclusive pictures of this event :