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Results are OUT! Grand Finale of Next Nandini Season 5!

18 June, 2018 Kolkata: This Sunday, stage was set to host the Grand Finale of Next Nandini season 594.3 Radio one’s Next Nandini is not just a beauty pageant, it empowers women and is a path to change. After receiving over 1500 registrations, Radio One has shortlisted 20 finalists. These top 20 finalists have been actively going through grooming classes, fitness classes, and photo shoots to get ready for the finale.

(L-R) Shristhi,Sumana,Ananya

The show was hosted by actor Shaheb Bhattacherjee along with the RJ Shelee & RJ Raai , not to forget RJ Roy was also their to host .The Judges for this season were Urmimala Basu, Agnimitra Paul, Swagata Mukherjee, and Moushumi Mitra.

(L-R)Agnimitra Paul,Swagata Mukherjee,Saheb Bhattacherjee

In the grand finale top 20 finalist had to go through rigorous three rounds. First round was introduction round where each participant had to impress the judges with their witty answers and personality. In the second round, the TOP 10 selected participants had to pick up a chit and answer whatever question was in it.

Some of the questions asked in the second round were these-

“What would happen if we could no longer use internet?”
To which Moushumi Bhattacharya said “In my view world would be a better place as back would be those close friendships, tea place addas and everyone will have more compassion and love.”

Moushumi Bhattacharya

In your view, is taking a husband’s surname after marriage a right thing to do?
Ananya Ghosh replied, “First of all I would like to say in my view there is no feminism related to this. It’s a matter of choice. I still have my own surname in all my school and college certificates as in West Bengal changing your surname in the certificates is a long and lengthy process (Everyone laughs at this point). And using my own surname has not decreased my love for my husband even a bit. But I do use my husband’s surname in the school of my children just for the sake of convenience for my kids.

“What is the one thing that you have done in the past that you will never do again?”
Sanchita Dutta replied, “We always complain about corruption in politics, administration etc. But we never realize we are the one who teach such things to our kids. I wish I hadn’t bribed my children by promising a reward in return of them getting good marks. This actually is a wrong thing to do as it instills corruption and bribery in them. And then we complain about politics and corruption. Everything starts at home and if we stop saying things like that to our kids, it might help improve our society”.

Based on all the answers given by these Nandinis, TOP 5 participants – Sristi Saha, Ananya Ghosh, Sumana Nag, Sanchita Dutta and Arjita Raha, were shortlisted for the final round.


The second round was followed by a rocking performance by sensational singer famous singer Ujjaini. The entire cast & crew of ‘Abar Basanta Bilap” was also present in Next Nandini’s Grand finale and the audience got to see an exclusive clip of the movie.

Team "Abar Basanta Bilap"

Moreover 4 very inspiring women were invited to the stage to share their inspiring story and to motivate the contestants and the audience to indeed ‘be the change’ in our society. These inspiring women were Ashwika Kapur (first Indian Women to get the Green Oscar award), Sneha Sharma (Indian racing driver who competes in Formula 4 National Racing Championship), Jinku (runs a company “Fotojajs” & has been instrumental in clicking photographs for a cause) and Rubia Chatterjee (rising star of West Bengal in the arena of Paralympics).

In the final round all five had to answer “What is the essence of womanhood according to them” in just 2 minutes.

Sumana Nag won the title of “Next Nandini” followed by Sristi Saha and Ananya Ghosh as 1st and 2nd Runner Ups respectively.

We bring to you all some of the exclusive pictures :

Rohini Bhattacharya

RJ Roy

Arjita Raha
Shristhi Saha
RJ Shelee
Debby Chaudhuri
Samiridhhi Mehta