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Priyanka wins the best actress(Jury) in HBFF 2018

Priyanka Sarkar won the Best Actress (Jury) for Andarkahini in Hyderabad Bengali Film Festival 2018, today. Her internationally acclaimed film Andarkahini was screened at "Hyderabad Bengali Film Festival" on 24th June at Prasad Film Labs. The film also won Best Music & best make-up artist award.

Priyanka uploaded a status thanking her team and jury for this award.

She posted, "Honored and humbled to be awarded as the Best Actress (Jury) for #Andarkahini in Hyderabad Bengali Film Festival 2018.This film will always be close to my heart as I was going through a very challenging phase of my life at the time the film was shot. Andarkahini helped me to cope and come out of the difficulty.Thank you jury for selecting me for the honor and the whole team of the film and finally my audience for keeping their trust in me."

Watch it here :