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Oxford Bookstore celebrates the 25th anniversary of Jurassic Park

Tuesday, 5th June Kolkata:
From children to the elders everyone loves to watch Jurassic park. This movie is not just a film its an emotion. Nowadays most of the middle aged people especially females are couch - potatoes. But in case of Jurassic park to one's surprise maximum number of people came and sat in front of their television or computer or laptop, just to watch Jurassic park movies or any of its series.

The Jurassic park series are famous throughout the world and gives us goosebumps literally. 
On the 25th anniversary of Jurassic Park, Oxford Bookstore in Kolkata hosted an amazing quiz contest on Jurassic Park. There was a T-Rex Scavenger Hunt, Puzzle the Velociraptor, The Jurassic Park Photo Hunt and much more.

This contest was organised specially for the kids but the adults participated in it too.
There were 20 sets of mcq questions based on a pictures and the participants had to tick the correct answer. Everybody was trying their level best to give the correct answers.
Those who gave the correct answer were given gifts and goodies. The huge amount of participation that we saw surprised us.