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Music is a wine that fills the cup of silence

Music is an art form and cultural activity whose medium is sound organized in time.
Music is the moonlight in the gloomy nights of life. Music can speak those words which words can't.

When we're sad we listen to music. When we're happy we listen to music. Sometimes music works as a booster for us. Music becomes our best companion when we are alone.
So on this International Music Day here's a musical evening organized. We, the members of The Indian Bong were invited to the musical evening on world music day.
In this evening, Esha Banerjee and Prajna Dutta performed brilliantly with their bands. Esha Banerjee is a singer and a harmonium player.

Shibayan Ganguly is a classical dancer and he too performed amazingly on this auspicious day. Neel Sarkar is a classical guitarist. They all took part and performed well on this day.
Many songs were played. "Lagja gale" , "Rashke Qamar" , "Tum bin" were also played and people gave good response to this songs. Some sang the fusion of English , Bengali and Hindi songs.
Audiences gave good response to all the performances performed by the participants. 
It was held in Cafe Strings at 3A , Nandy Street , Kolkata.

These are some of the valuable moments captured by Indian Bong on this auspicious day.