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Cafe Pranah Intoduces a Brand New Quinoa Menu for the Health Freaks

Cafe Pranah makes the statement-“healthy yet tasty food” possible by introducing an all new Quinoa Menu. The owner of the cafe, Chef Rahul Arora says, “With the whole world getting very conscious and aware too about alternates of wheat and rice, quinoa is a beautiful alternative not just for those who are conscious, but also for diabetics and people with gluten allergies. We tried to expand our horizons and think beyond a quinoa salad. The new dishes have something for everyone. And besides being nutritious, we also give 100% focus to the taste as well.”

Quinoa is gluten-free and thus is an amazing replacement for rice or wheat. The exclusive menu will have- Quinoa Upma, Quinoa Halwa, Quinoa Cranberry Muffin, Oat and Quinoa Pancake, Mexican Quinoa Bowl, Chicken Quinoa Salad, Paneer Quinoa Salad and Quinoa Egg Scramble. Close your eyes and dive into the ‘yumminess’ of these dishes without worrying about the calories.

This menu is sure to create a buzz amongst the health freaks. Do visit the tasty and healthy world of Quinoa starting from 15th of March, 2018.