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Arjunn Dutta's Abyakto - a touching story of a mother and son

The story of Abyakto chronicles the life of Indra through his growing years, from being a child to becoming a full grown man. As he grows up, a series of unexplained events that occur to him turns him into a man that he never thought would become.

Abyakto is actually full of surprises! 

The film will see Prosejit Chatterjee's wife Arpita Chatterjee in two extremely different looks- one of an aged 50 year old women and another of young girl in her mid-twenties. Her aged women look with wrinkled skin and grey hair has surprised everyone.

Popular Actor Adil Hussain, who plays a difficult role in the film, is recently in town for the shooting of Abyakto and is planning to take a summer break once the shoot is over.

“My entire family is planning to go to Shillong. My son’s school has closed for summers and I need to give him time. Also, this is the time when a few of my close relatives are coming to India from abroad. I am looking forward to taking a break,” said Adil in between his shoot


Here are some of the exclusive behind the scenes of the shoot :-