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Big Fat Indian Wedding #SnR

“Where there is love, there is Life.” Like their dramatic movies Actress Subhashree Ganguly and Director Raj Chakraborty are getting married “বাঙালি বিবাহ” following all the rituals. the couple are now getting ready for their marriage and are done with their Mehendi and Sangeet ceremony. Their wedding is taking place in Bawali Rajbari. All the close friends and relatives have already gathered there witnessing the couple.

Subhashree always said that she would marry like any other bengali girl and on her mehendi she did wear a red banarasi saree and gave a full বাঙালি(bengali) look.

আইবুড়োভাত”(Aiburo bhat) was celebrated there and the couple did it together and after which even the actress was up for wearing আলতা(Alta)| The actress did not let her fans down and did share her precious moments with them by sharing pictures and videos in her social media. After their অষ্টমঙ্গলা(Ashta Mangala) it is said that the couple would be returning to the city. 
The couple is really busy in their wedding photo shoot and it is today, 11th May 2018 when they are going to get married with all the rituals.

We, the whole family of IndianBong wish the couple a happy married life.  

Written By: Aditi Roy Chowdhury