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🌞 Refresh Up Your Summer 🌞

Summer is the hottest season of the four temperate seasons falling after spring and before autumn.

Here's a sneak peak of the lifestyle of the people living in Kolkata in this season. In this hot season people mostly prefer to go out with AC Cars or AC Taxi or may be AC Bus. Most people of Kolkata are going out for their jobs or schools or colleges with this AC cars or taxies etc.

1. Clothing:

 In summer wearing various styles of cotton clothes is one of the most famous trend of the people of Kolkata. Actually its not only a trend its a fashion of the Kolkata peeps.
In this summer most of the people are wearing the checks and plain mania , cotton kurtas , check shirts and torn jeans. Generally people are wearing full sleeves tops or shirts due to sun rays. And wearing sunglasses never go out of fashion.

2. Refreshning Drinks: 

Drinking coldrinks and having ice-creams never goes out of fashion especially in the summer season. Cold water is a boon to live in this season.

3. Food:

 If we come towards food then there is a variety of foods which Kolkata people are eating or drinking in this hot summer season. Aam Daal , Aam Pora Sharbat , Sukto , Kacha aam er chutney and mango is one of the famous and favourite fruit of maximum people of our country. Nimboo Paani always have a great place in everybody's heart.

In the summer vacations people are coming to visit the water parks like Nicco Park ( Wet O Wild ). Some are going to Aqatica and many more. Some are going to hilly areas to get comfort from the dangerous rays of the sun. So go get yourself into these activities and chill up this summer !