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Raazi : A Spine Chilling Spy Drama

         Meghna Gulzar’s action-thriller Raazi, starring Alia Bhatt and Vicky Kaushal finally made up to the screen today and it deserved the hype that you might have grown watching the trailer, let alone the fact seeing Alia in such an intense role for the first time is quite ingenious and worth every penny, wonder what she can offer us more out of her boundaries. In portraying Harinder Sikka’s novel ‘Calling Sehmat’ on the silver screen Meghna left no flaw, the movie is well scripted and optimized. Sikka, himself served in Kargil war, where he got intrigued by a story that a fellow Army officer offered on her mother, Sehmat. The movie stays faithful to the pages and no complaint worthy digressions were made.

                 The plot of the movie sets back in 1970s, when Indo-Pak relationship was not as it is today; they were in a state of war due to the chaos Majibur Rahaman caused in East Pakistan (Bangladesh). It was information which both countries kept under their sleeves was the most fatal ammunition. Here comes Sehmat, a Kashmiri girl, daughter of a retired army officer Hidayat Khan (Rajit Kapur), waged her life as an Indian spy and got herself married to Iqbal Syed (Vicky Kaushal) who roots his belongings to a family of high ranked Pakistani officers. Sehmat, goes through intense training, to make sure the job is done where Khalid Mir ( Jaideep Ahlawat) showed his caliber. 

                  Raazi shows true life of an undercover spy, the hardships, the risk of losing life due to any slightest bit of mistake, the thrill goes on throughout the movie, richly equipped to chill your spine every moment and completely shatters the idea of a conventional luxurious badass life of any fictional character of other Bollywood spy-dramas. The necessary love story develops between Sehmat (Alia) and Iqbal (Vishal); Iqbal seemed to be the nicest person in his family and sympathizes with Sehmat.  

               Alia's Sehmat can be marked as a threshold to the rising concept of Feminism in India, make sure that you don’t get overwhelmed when attending a debate on Feminism or a speech or even a café discussion that might refer to Raazi at any point. Sehmat gives out an impression of an independent strong woman who is willing risk her life for her cause and for a greater good, possess enough material to shut anyone up who still harbors orthodox mentalities like women are weak and fragile. That patriotic aura comes out when, aware of the life threatening risks of his Daughter, Hidayat says, “Lekin ek Hindustani pehle hain”. 
                Numbers, stay as background scores in Raazi. The movie doesn’t break into songs but that is not an excuse of that the tracks won’t cause upliftment in your mood, but actually it does and it does really well. Scores like Ae Watan and Dilbaro fit perfectly for the movie.
                It was utmost wonder was how Alia depicted that role, she was given an opportunity and she clung to it, slight accent flaws were there but that won’t necessarily cause you any distraction as the storyline and her acting will keep your mind completely indulged.    

Alia Bhatt as Sehmat
               Raazi, is a must see movie for anyone who continuously complaints about the senseless and rotten movies in Bollywood, it will surely nourish you with some fresh breath while accompanying you till the last second or planning to do something stimulating with your family weekend, have an utterly thrillious one.  

-Souhardya Chatterjee