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Mind Blowing Reasons Why You Should Watch "13 Reasons Why Season 2"

#1: First of all I would like to say that this is not a series you should Netflix and chill because this gives you CHILLS!

#2 This series is all about a teenage girl who committed suicide, and this is a warning because 1 in 5 teenagers in US alone considers like actually considering taking their lifes. So if you're feeling lost, alone, sad, depressed you should know that their are  options and you can get help and things can get better.. so!

Before getting started, grab some popcorn, because this is going to be a long one!

 Emotional & sexual abuse or violence and rape, being gay or trans are the things that we can treat superficially in this ultra digitalised world. But this show, ignores this notion it takes them and it makes them real. So real and true you can also felk them And, you can also learn from them because everybody is vulnerable & watching this as an adult you may feel like you're reliving some parts of your own high school experience. Watching the event as a teenager you will kind of receive this as starter kit on how to treat people around you and how to also confro the ones who try to push you around. After watching 13 Reasons Why you will never want to bully anyone ever again. Ive been told things, I've been laughed at people, fucked around with me little, not just me, it's all about everyone, we all experienced some kind of unattractive situation in our life.

Watching this you will see the impact of the things you say or do have a impact on other people. At this young age even a look or a lack of eye contact matters. Besides, being an addictive show, it is a roller coaster of emotions. I know this is a cliche to say but it is the way it makes you feel big, because, it's brilliantly written and the character are so well played and the plot takes you up to like a mountain and  then just drops, just to pick you up again, make your heartbeat fast and get you excited and then drops you again and to me it felt honest. I was riding this roller coaster ride and it felt real and this will give you this feeling for 13 episode. Hannah,Tony, Brice, Zack, Courtney & Jessica, these are all relatable characters. You may find yourself being a bully or confident or a secret keeper or a bad secret keeper, once you relate to at least one of these characters you will find yourself shake. As a parent watching this, you will probably understand how to communicate better with your kids or how to better interpret some signals they give you. My advice is talk to your children about this, open up the conversation, they surely watched it. As a kid or as a teenager watching 13 reasons why will make you understand the importance of having an open line of communication with your paren even though you feel like you live in two separate worlds. After finishing it you will look up the words empathy and compassion and then you will live by them. You will be better and depicting social predators both as a girl and as a boy because their are some serious issues like rape, treated in this series and there are a lot of social pressure around us and we should have the skills to better protect ourselves against them. The way everything is done in the film is breathtaking. It's worth it.

Last but not the least the team in this show has open up a hotline for suicide prevention it's called 13reasonswhy.info
I hope that these reasons convinced you to watch it. Till then, take care, goodbye.

- Disha Roy