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Mailtag: The Best mail tracking extension so far

With all new user interface, Integrated AI, Confidential mode and some other new features, Google's G-Mail service is an absolute bad ass in the market. However, I personally feel that there is something still missing in all of the E-mail services including Google's. And that is "MAIL TRACKING".

In the era of Whatsapp like messaging apps, people keep track of their messages----whether the message is sent or not, whether it is delivered or not and whether it read or not.
But the E-Mail services still lack this feature.
E-mails are still the most preferable medium to start an official conversation. But there is no way to know for the sender that, if the e-mail is read by the receiver or the receiver has just overlooked the mail or has simply ignored it. So it would have been really great if Google had introduced an inbuilt mail tracking system for their G-mail. But Google has not...And there is no such news that they are going to do that sooner or later.

So, is there any way to track our e-mails?
Well, certainly there is. There are tons of Mail-tracking extensions and add-ons available in the market, but most of them need a pro account to use them properly. I have already used many of them and believe me they are not so worthy if you are not going spend money on them.

But there comes "Mail Tag" extension. Just install the extension on your web browser and give permissions to it. Now whenever you are going to send an E-mail, it'll ask you if you are wanna track that E-mail or not. If yes, then it will add a small watermark in the footer of the email and your mail will be tracked.

Now here comes the best part. There is an option to remove the watermark and whenever you try to remove the watermark, it will ask you to buy the pro version. But, if you just close the package window pop-up.....your watermark will be gone and the mail tracking will be also done!! It does sound creepy, but this is how it is working.

So by the end of this, you are sending an email with no such weird watermark and keeping track of your email at the same time. After sending the E-mail, as soon as the receiver opens the mail, the sender also receives an email from the mail tag company telling that the mail was opened successfully.

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