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Lenovo Z5? Enters the Bezel less market to join hands with IPhone X and MI MIX

The weekend sets off to a good start with the new phone from Lenovo. The phone is not yet released though, just with the teaser from the Lenovo VP Chang Cheng of the new phone with four new features. The phone is said to have no bezels at all according to the Lenovo Official’s.
No bezels at all??

Really?? Then what about the front camera? Or the ear piece??
Well that’s what makes a difference in this smart device.
Cheng wrote on Weibo that Lenovo Z5 would come with four new technologies that should effectively lead to removing the bezels from all sides, including space usually taken by the camera, the earpiece or the fingerprint scanner.

All three of them can already be implemented in a smartphone though: the camera can come out like a periscope, similar to the vivo Apex Concept Phone, a piezoelectric ceramic driver for the earpiece is already part of the panel since the first iteration of Xiaomi MI Mix, and under-display fingerprint scanners are a thing since the vivo X20 Plus UD.
It will be on June 14, when this device will be officially announced by Lenovo when Cheng is expected to reveal how Lenovo managed to break the 95% St B ratio barrier.
Keeping all the features in mind we got to see in the teaser, it seems really a good device in 2018. We just hope that it launches with decent price and Lenovo keeps it aggressive enough for the Indian buyers.

Written By:-Swagatam Sanyal