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Laugh some more to live life some more.

Laughter is the cure to every disease. From a broken heart to a fatigued mind, it can be used as a medication in any treatment. With this notion in mind, a talk show was organised by Chandasi Creations and Team Abar Basanta Bilap. And the event took place on the World Laughter Day, May 4 itself! What better way to converse on 'The Importance of Laughter in our daily life'. The event was held at Bengal Lounge.

Incidentally the first look of the film 'Abar Basanta Bilap' was also launched in the same event. Many dignatories were present in the event. Kolkata Commisioner of Police Rajib Kumar, Mayor in Council Debashish Kumar, Author Samaresh Majumdar, Author and journalist Rupak Saha, Footballer Bhaskar Mukherjee graced the event with their presence. In addition to their presence, Mir Afsar Ali, Shubhankar Chattopadhya, Devlina Kumar, Rajesh Dutta, Ipsita Rao Sarkar were also seen.
Some moments were captured in the lens of Indian Bong.