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The So Called Respected Pervert

Kolkata, May 12 : Where are girls safe? Home? Office? Public bus? Where?
Repeatedly actions of some humans prove that girls are no where safe. Such an incident came forth this morning via facebook. In another gruesome act, a video of a man in a public bus at a young girl in Kolkata soon went viral via social media.

After uploading the video of such shameful act, the young girl claimed that the bus was full of passengers but they played only the role of viewers, no one came forward to help her.

Its clearly visible from the video the girl uploaded that, how the man being aware of the fact that his act is been recorded and still gives infuriating expressions to the girl. The incident happened around 12pm while the girl claimed to be returning from Hedua in Kolkata. The bus number identified to be 30B/1 . WB25C6638. Her facebook status further revealed that similar event happened to her 15 days ago when the same man discomforted her with such shameful act and the girl was afraid to protest. But this time she at first informed the bus conductor about the act and he replied, " What can I do? How can we understand what is there in ones mind? " then she urged for justice where Kolkata Police also shared the video and assured to take proper action against the accused. Later on Kolkata Police arrested a middle-aged man from Shayampukur.

 Earlier a student of Delhi University (DU) has lodged a complaint against a middle-aged man for allegedly masturbating and trying to repeatedly touch her waist while sitting beside her in a moving DTC bus on February 7.

The 23-year-old student has registered an FIR against the man with the Vasant Vihar police station.The woman has also posted a video of the entire incident on social media.

Last Year Hyderabad Police have arrested a cab driver, working for cab aggregating service Uber, after a woman passenger complained that he was masturbating in the car.