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Kolkata gets its first Forevermark Boutique

Forevermark, the diamond brand from the De Beers Group of Companies , opens it's exclusive boutique in Kolkata on the 27th May 2018 , it's only second such store in the world. Houses at South City Mall in Kolkata,  the boutique exclusively carries Forevermark which are the world's most carefully selected diamonds in a wide variety of jewellery.

Every Forevermark diamond is expertly crafted and undergoes a rigorous selection while Indian Gems and Jewellery creation has a reputation of quality, creativity and integrity among it's customer.  These two brands coming together is an ideal combination.

Gracing this auspicious evening was the talented and breathtakingly gorgeous Karisma Kapoor wearing a beautiful Forevermark jewellery she said that it was her privilege to be a part of this celebration with Forevermark and Indian Gems and Jewellery Creations as they launch their first exclusive boutique in East India .

She was also feeling honoured to wear these dazzling diamonds from a brand like Forevermark that represents advancement of woman and supports the U.N  #HeforShe movement . 
Present in the event were also Mr PratiK Duggar,  Director, Indian Gems and Jewellery who said that ,it was an honour for them to be associated with a brand like that and that they are here to give Kolkata the best  there is in Diamond jewellery , and Sachin Jain , President , ForeverMark India , who also shared that , it was a huge milestone for them and that they were proud to partner with Indian Gems and Jewellery , who share the same values and provide fashion forward jewellery tobyheir customers .