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JDS-the kingmaker's of Kannad politics!

Most of the kannads are wise and they do know who is playing the fool out of them.

JDS leader H D Deve Gowda

BJP has gained strength after the return of Yadurappa,who is the cm candidate for the BJP .

Siddharamiah,the Congress face for the election is contesting over the two seats-Mysore and belgaum.


In 2008,BJP got 112 seats and made the government where Congress got 80 seats.
Congress has always been a dominant party over that region.
It was well tackled by Reddy brothers,particularly,in the centre region and coastal region(including Bangalore).

But,when Yedurappa left the BJP ,the scenario was completely changed in 2013 poll.
Congress got 122 seats and formed the government.
In such a case,JDS play the kingmaker's role here which has a pivotal role in shaping the politics of Karnataka.
Either of the parties(Cong. and bjp) have to take them in favour in order to form the government.

Anish Solanky