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Interpretation of a Painting- Cultural Decomposition

Interpretation of a Painting- Cultural Decomposition 

I will start this discussion with a huge appreciation of Shataparni Bannerjee who herself hand drawn this picture and shown absolute mastery with her brushes and paints, such an exquisite masterpiece just to look at. It had been my sheer luck that I came across her and finally given a chance to stick some ambiguous paints on my wall.

The version of interpretation I'm about to tell, hit me right on the moment  I laid my eyes on the Lady, it took some time to sum up disintegrated thoughts and establishing her and her gestures with respect to that. Regardless of the fact that I often intricate plain sailing matters, the effort I did put may help me keep things above the water.

Before you go through my version of interpretation I heavily request to observe the painting closely and mind every bit of minor details.

The lady is an embodiment of Art. She is frail and old, in a sense of decay. Her whole face is representing decomposition, earrings, necklace, nose ring and the darkened tongue everything. Her index finger is pointing her eyes that may develop an idea of self-realisation. Now there may certainly be another interpretation based on the fact that she is looking upward, towards the Messiah or God. An idea of a third person in this picture shines light on many vague conceptions and makes them pretty concrete. Her countenance implies then, she is seeking help for her ailment that people had done to her relentlessly. Her whole facial expression seems similar to a helpless child, looking up towards her father, as recourse. In this interpretation the tongue seems out of place, but it is an epigram if you think she is showing out her every bit of decomposed self. The idea of third eye was not crossed off my list of possibilities. She wants to jump into that higher consciousness and spiritually realise the state of herself.

If you have ever felt a poem to the bones or unaware of the world outside stuck to a novel, doted on a photograph, appreciated a song from your core or ever teared at the end of a brilliant movie out of spontaneity, you are certainly aware of what a true form of Art is capable of and its concomitant accomplishments. Art can make you think, introspect, question and it proffers peace of mind. We are not oblivious to the fact that quality of Art has degraded over last few decades tremendously. Irrelevant lyrics, novels based on fatuous, barren and reader seeking storylines, hollow paintings, hilarious poems that have utterly disgraced Art and ridiculed our senses. And the satire lies here, people are craving for it.

Now the Lady, helpless and impotent, seeks divine help.

I certainly cannot confine a viewer's far-reaching thoughts in case of an ambiguous form of art, but it is my duty to inscribe some of the responses I received from my acquaintances, as I can be wrong or completely strayed. The Lady is mocking someone, she is forcefully crying, she is arrogant, she is on LSD, were some of them. I rest it on you and warmly welcome any other interpretations towards this painting.