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Soothing drinks that would keep you cool and calm this summer

Summer! The prevailing season on earth due to immense Global Warming. With the scorching heat comes the urge of keeping yourself cool and then comes the need of some trending and healthy drinks. Seasonal fruits like mango, litchi, peach, apricot, watermelon can help you bring heaven in a glass. Here are some drinks that will definitely get you going this summer :D

Chocolate and Banana Smoothie

Not only kids but adults too go crazy for chocolates and this easy and simple recipe will hardly take any time to be served. Throw in one frozen banana along with three tablespoon of chocolate syrup, half glass of milk, three ice cubes and blend it until smooth and frothy. Add up a scope of ice cream on the top and a dash of almonds.  And your yummy chocolate banana smoothie is ready to be served.
Pineapple chatkara

Pineapple can really keep you hydrated this summer so do give this simple drink a try. Chop half a cup of fresh pineapple and half cup of cucumber into small chunks. Put it in a blender and add on 2 spoon of yogurt and 2 tablespoon of honey and blend until the fruits get blended well. Garnish it with some mint and Pineapple Chatkara is ready.

Mango Twist

Mango! The fruit that can get you tempted anytime. So this summer have a drink that takes you to the world of mango. Peel and chop a mango and put it in the blender with two tablespoon of honey and give it a spin. Then put two spoons of yogurt and a hint a salt and blend it until smooth. Your Mango Twist is ready to be served.

Strawberry Sangria

Strawberries are rich in Vitamin-C and it iron etc and it helps you be hydrated and this summer. It is really easy to prepare this drink so let’s get into it. Chop the strawberries and separate the leaves from it. Put it in a blender with a glass of wine and give it a spin. Garnish it with lemon and your Strawberry Sangria is ready.

Grapes Blast

Grapes be it green red or black it is always the must summer fruit that we all have. The juicy fruit when comes into a glass can make you go whoop in this summer. Wash the grapes well be it green or red or black. Put it in the blender and add water and sugar to it and blend it well. When it gets blended well strain it to remove the peels. Serve it immediately with ice cubes.

So hit these amazing smoothies this summer and chill up yourself to the fullest.

Aditi Roy Chowdhury