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How to enable the 6 new voices for your Google Assistant?

According to the announcements Google made on their I/O 2018 event, Google assistant is going to have six new voices including the voice of John Legend. And surprisingly, when I was Geeking out with my Redmi 4 today, I found that those 6 voices are already in my preference list.
So here is how you can try this feature on your phone by completing these simple steps :

·       First of all, make sure that you have Android 6.0 or higher version installed in your device.
·       Next, open the Google app on your phone
·       Tap on the three vertical lines icon on the bottom right corner of the app

  • ·       Then tap on the ‘Settings’ icon

  • ·       Then tap on the ‘Settings’ icon related to Google Assistant

This will take you to the Google Assistant Settings page.

  • ·       Now select the ‘Preferences’ option

  • ·       Then Assistant Voice

Finally, you will land on the page where you can set the 8 cool voices for your Google Assistant. Where the first two voices were there since before.

These 6 new voices are more like human and less like a Robotic one. So it now makes sense to start a conversation with your Google assistant which are going to be more natural.
Well personally I feel each and every voice of this new list will be successful to impress people. But in case you are not so impressed yet, you could wait for the John Legend’s voice, which will be available later this year.
Honestly, I am dying to listen to John Legend answering my crazy questions or reading out my to-do list of the day!
And in case, you have missed the Highlights of the I/O event, do watch our technology section.

 Souvik Ganguly