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Guess who's getting ready for the Royal Wedding

Priyanka Chopra has been quite vocal about how happy she is for her dear friend Meghan Markle who is getting married today to Prince Harry , today in a traditional and royal ceremony.

She has also been vocal about how confused she is about what to wear to the wedding and specially about what to gift the newly married couple . But now that she has visited the iconic British fascinator , Philip Treacy's studio , she is more excited about getting her self ready for The Royal Wedding.

''Ohhh,   now  I  get  it'' , the 35 year old actress who is both a big Hollywood and Bollywood star now captioned one of her instagram story videos , inside the designer's studio.

The actress earlier today , landed in London to be a part of Saturday's Royal Wedding. Priyanka recently spoke her heart out about how happy she was to have Meghan as a friend and how she wishes that Meghan gets all the happiness in the world .
We sure can't wait to see Priyanka's look for The Royal Wedding , but most importantly we can't wait for the wedding of the decade.

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