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Google I/O 2018: The Highlights

Google has just wrapped up the annual Google developers conference, known as Google I/O (Where I/O stands for Innovation in Open) with some ambitious announcements and exciting surprises at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California.Artificial intelligence was the main attraction of the event this year and the things Google has done using A.I and Machine learning is really appreciable.

If you weren’t able to watch the live stream of the event, here is the quick roundup of everything happened at Google I/O 2018.

G-mail with A.I :

Google is now taking G-mail to much further with the A.I enabled support to it. They call it Smart Compose and as the name suggests the G-mail will now use Machine Learning to predict and suggest phrases to the user.And it’s not just about simple predictions like addresses, but entire phrases that are suggested based on context and user history. The feature will roll out to users in the middle of the next month.

The all new Android P features :

Gestures: Android P will now support i-phone like gestures for the better user experience.

Adaptive Batteries: Google has implemented a new feature called ‘Adaptive Batteries’ to their Android P features list with the help of DeepMind Technology.It uses machine learning to determine which apps the user uses frequently and which ones the user uses only occasionally, and it restricts background processes for seldom used apps in order to save battery life.

Adaptive Brightness:The Adaptive Brightness feature uses A.I to understand our preferences and adjust brightness according to that.

App Actions:It basically analyses the user activities and suggests quick app actions regarding that.
So basically, Android P is coming with a hard core A.I support to make our lives easier.

A Smarter Google Assistant :

6 New Voices to the Google Assistant: Your smart Google Assistant will now talk to you with it’s 6 all new voices including the John Legend’s voice! And Google has promised to upgrade the app with the support of 30 different languages by the end of 2018.

Google Duplex: With this add-on, Google Assistant will now be able to understand the actual nuances of a practical conversation.According to the Google CEO Sundar Pichai, “we have been working on this Technology for many years. It brings together all our investments over the years in natural language understanding, Deep learning and Text to speech”.

On the event, they have presented a demo where the Google assistant is making call to a Salon itself and booking an appointment according it’suser’s choice by having a conversation with an employee of the salon.

Visual Updates: There is going to be some visual updates also, which will let the Google assistant to make the full use of the smartphone screens and all other smart device screens.

Wind-Down Feature: There is another add-on to Google assistant which basically turns the screen into grey color whenever the user says to the assistant “Hey Google, set wind down for 10 pm”. It is going to have some psychological effect on our brains so that we could sleep early. And yes, the screen will again go to the normal mode in the morning.

Google Photos:
The Google Photos app is also going to receive some major updates. The updates are basically based on how we could make our pictures more beautiful with the help of A.I.

Google Lens:
The user can now convert any hardcopy of a document by just scanning it through Google Lens app.
It is going to be so smart that it could tell the user not just about the object the user wants to know about, but also about the other objects like that object.
Lens can now copy text from the real-life objects and paste it into your smartphone apps.

Google Maps:
For You Tab:The Maps now going to introduce an all-new “For You” tab where it will show the usernew businesses in their areas as well as restaurants that are trending around them.
Short Listing Feature: The user can now shortlist restaurants they want, by long pressing the restaurants on the map and then they will be able to share it with their friends to sort them out.
Computer Vision: This is what made me more excited about Google I/O. Google is integrating the Augmented Reality to their Google Maps Street View to a step further by implementing a fascinating feature called Computer Vision. It will let the user to experience the AR with their google maps app so that they could relate the virtual world with real world more precisely.
Google is also planning to add an AR assistant to the app, which will guide the user to their destination in a more interesting manner.

Self-driving Taxi :

Google in coordination with Waymo, has decided to launcha new self-driving taxi service that will soon available in Phoenix, Arizona. Customers will be able to ride autonomous cars with no one in the driver’s seat and use those self-driving cars to travel to any local destination. The service is going to launch before the end of 2018.

Wrapping up, the Google I/O hasn’t disappointed the Geeks at all. I am also very excited to try out these cool features as soon as possible.

At the end, I can just conclude that with the Google I/O 2018, Google has proved that Science fiction is now going to be the reality of this era.

Souvik Ganguly