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Facebook Dating App similar to Hinge !

Facebook is all set to launch its own dating app, "Dating". Many experts opine it's Mark Zuckerberg's way of overriding the privacy concerns. However, what you may not know is that "Dating" is going to be almost replica to another dating app, "Hinge". Unlike in Tinder where you have to swipe left or right to get the matches, in Hinge (and Dating) the profiles can be scrolled through. One can also post  a question. The biggest similarity between the dating apps however is that two singles can start a conversation just by commenting on a profile item.

 The matches will be shown based on similarities they have like the number of mutual friends, or likes and interests. Dating would be a free app. And Zuckerberg has expressed it is being designed to aid in long term relationships, rather than only hooking up. In an interview the Facebook founder had said his best stories that he got to hear on Facebook were the ones where people met, fell in love and then got married.  The announcement of the new dating app has already affected the shares of other dating sites namely Tinder. With Whatsapp and Instagram in it's pocket, Facebook is all set to invade the virtual space by venturing into dating apps.