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'Easier Said Than Done' by Alan Wilkins- Book Signing Event at Park Street, Kolkata

Kolkata, 24th May, Thursday: Noted televsion commentator Alan Wilkins had come to Kolkata for the book signing of his newly published book 'Easier Said Than Done'- an autobiography of his published under Roli Books.

Alan Wilkins
The 64 year old former county cricketer and presently commentator had come to Oxford Book Store, Park Street Kolkata, for his book signing event. Wilkins shared a few moments browsing through the books at the store, occasionally signing bats and balls, and  taking pictures with his fans. A group of enthusiastic readers who didn't know of this event were caught surprised by Wilkins' presence.
Sharing a moment with the kids at the store

We had a few moments with Mr. Wilkins for a short interview. When asked about what the title of the book implied, he said, "In life we always use that expression ("easier said than done"), so when you set someone a task and if it's a tough task we sometimes glibly say "that's easier than done", in other words you are looking at the task, so my task was two-fold- one as a cricketer and one as a broadcaster and that's what the story is about. Easier said than done is how I am gonna be a cricketer at which too I had to work hard to be a cricketer and then I wanted to be a broadcaster which is easier said than done, so that's how the title came about."
Signing books for his fans
From cricketer to a sports journalist- on asked about how the transition occurred in his life, Wilkins replied, "Well I made the decision myself because I had a bad shoulder injury in 1982 and I made the call even though I could have carried on playing cricket for another six or seven years maybe, but I didn't want to. I wanted to get into something else so, I didn't want to coach, I wanted to stay with sport and that seemed to me the best way to do it and I met people involved in broadcasting in South Africa and so I emigrated from Britain, lived in South Africa for four to five years and then again went back and started my BBC work."

There's a chapter in the book named 'Christmas in Calcutta'. On asking for a short prologue about the chapter Wilkins said, "It was my first visit to India, ever, in 1980, and I flew from London in the middle of winter to come here to play cricket match to play for the Overseas Eleven to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the Bengal Cricket Association. That's what the match was so we played in the Eden Gardens. Christmas of 1980 into the new year of 198 . So Mike Brearley was the England Captain and he was our captain that day. We lost to the Board President's Eleven but it was a new year in Calcutta and it just gotta a nice ring to it 'Christmas in Calcutta', that's why and it was 'Calcutta' because that's what it was then."