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Drink even when you are BROKE!

Want to know where you have to go when you’re broke as fuck but still want a drink or two?
You came to the right place then. People with month-end issues are still human, you know. They too can drink till evening without worrying to sell a kidney to pay the bill. I, myself, get an allowance of Rs.2500 and I have to make sure that I don’t blow it in a night. I and my friends had to have a drink or seven, once in a week.

So here are some places you need to know when you are on tight budget.


Olypub – Park Street

For many years now, Olypub has played a vital role in college goers life who are on tight budget and wanted to drink beer and taste awesome food. If you are in Kolkata and haven’t been to Olypub then it’s a shame!
Ambience – Not so great. Don’t get scared if you see a rat running here and there. It’s part of an experience.
Cheapest Drinks – Gin, Vodka, Rum and Brandy – all starts at Rs.64

Raul’s Restaurant – Hazra

No one goes here for anything but cheap alcohols. Only Rs.400 for two people is cheaper than a movie ticket. Food is below average. But no one goes there for food anyway.
Ambience – Turbio
Cheapest Drinks – Whisky and Rum at Rs.60

Silver Grill – Park Street

If you are in Kolkata and haven’t been here, you wasted your life my friend. My personal recommendation is their popular He Man-9000 and Actor Danny Denzongpa's beer – Dansberg!
Ambience – It’s a 90’s restaurant struck in a time warp.
Cheapest Drinks – Rum and Gin at Rs.60


My Bar – Paharganj

My Bar has numerous outlets spread all over the city. But this one is a favorite place for My Bar loyalists. It is mainly because it remains cheapest of all. You would be salivating on hearing it – 2ltrs of Kingfisher draught tower at Rs.290 (ex. Taxes).
Ambience - Average, but it is always filled with people.
Cheapest Drinks – Rum, Vodka and Gin at Rs.39.

Beeryani - SDA/GK 2

What’s better than cheap alcohol and your love for Biriyani all under one roof?
Yes, you heard it right! Pocket pinch for Beer Tower Draught is just Rs.600 for two people.
And the biriyani you get is just awesome.
Ambience – Nice. Not buzzing with lots of people.
Cheapest Drinks – A beer mug for just Rs.100.


Bottles - 7 Bungalows, Andheri West

Great Food, Great Brooze. There is not at all music in this place, it’s for the people who complains in pubs for loud music! Great Service they give. So when are you checking it out on your own?
Ambience – Average. Small place for a large group of people to hang out.
Cheapest Drinks - Rum for Rs.80 Only.

Gokul – Colaba

For youngsters like us in Colaba, it’s the perfect place to have a drink or two. After have some brooze, you can devouring some great food at Bademiya. A 30ml Rum with Old Monk will not set you back by not more than Rs.40.
Ambience – Below Par.
Cheapest Drink – Whisky at Rs.30 only.

-Soham Ghosh