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Deadpool 2 : Dare to One Up

Deadpool 2
Director - David Leitch
Cast - Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Morena Baccarin, Zazie Beetz, Brianna Hidlebrand, Julian Dennison, Karan Soni
Rating :- 3.5/5 

So so, the perfect "Family Movie" made it to the theatres today, and it was fun, certainly doesn't fall under that category that makes you laugh with terrible absolute terrible jokes, it was funny in every godawful way. Heavy spoilers ahead, haven't watched it yet? Ryan Reynolds hates you but it's fine just skip this next bunch of sentences. 

Storyline- Humble Mr. Pool walks the same path here as he did in the first one, you get to know the consequence first and then Merc with a Mouth makes you catch up all the shit just happened in his life, and progresses further. Well, you can not really complain about his bitch whining, losing Vanessa was like losing the only reason he wished to live for, and what kept him from splashing a kilo of cocaine right on his face other than blowing himself up into pieces but the movie centers around a teenage boy, Russel, tortured at the ESSEX House of Rehabilitation, now the name Mr. Sinister should ring a bell from Days of Future Past. Anyway shit got real with this Russel kid, and he is to blame for Cable's involvement here. Meanwhile Vanessa warned Wade that this heart is not in its right place in some hallucination, so he promises her to save the kid anyway possible. Now Cable is not THAT CABLE from comics anymore, done by Josh Brolin, square jaw seems to be pretty ethical and finally make friends with the Pool, well he was at his wit's end when the boy unleashed the Juggernaut (Yeah He is there, all in flesh) and Cable couldn't find a way other than making friends. Lets just admire the fact that we are not really much digressed into "The F***** with a Winter Soldier Arm". Russel aka Firefist goes on to kill Cable's daughter Hope in the future, the only way he could find to prevent was to travel across time and kill Firefist in his adolescence. Unethical to Deadpool (wait what?) Anti-Hero he may be, but killing teens is not really his cup of tea, but he does persuade Cable for 30 seconds to stop the kid. And he does the job probably in the most Mutant but bizarre way possible and his prolonged wannabe-dead scene plays out quite amusingly. Post credit scenes were +1s, just keep your seats warm till the very end.

Josh Brolin as Cable

Hit it

Julian Dennison as Russel aka Firefist

References- I doubt someone who possesses the ability to put up a colorless face even after hilariously relatable pop culture references which quite unarguably make a Deadpool movie a DEADPOOL MOVIE. Not a single thing you could imagine that has not been mimicked or punned here. From Starwars to Taylor Swift's furballs not even Rob Leifeld (Deadpool's creator) stood a chance. The whole X-Men Universe (immune to it already), Terminator (Connor is that you?), Star wars, Empire Strikes Back, John wick (and his precious dog), Logan (get used to it), Green Lantern (Heart aches), Batman (1989), Blade Trinity (please), The "Martha Joke" (hey no mum drag in this okay?) numerous easter eggs, you better keep yourself "sharp between the ears" throughout the movie just to intake more; you see you miss the references, all goes in vain so don't do that. 

Praise the Ryan- Now Ryan Reynolds, this punk made Deadpool inseparable from him, in a literal sense, he made the role totally of his own, being a co-scriptwriter makes the job easy but pretty sure anything which is not written by him got referred as "lazy writing". No, seriously, everything about him is a perfect deadpool material. And All this chirp currently trending on Youtube with Beckham, Celine Dion's Ashes and all, okayish attempt to put the character outside the silver screen, make it look more real, well lets just admire it. 

In the end, did you have fun or not, that will be 10/10 positively answered. The movie gifts you both sweet chuckles and burst out laughs, mild incessant one liners to heavy sarcasms. Deadpool 2 serves as it supposed to be, a movie to watch just to feel like an adult and some age befitting humours.