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থাপ্পড় A Story Of A Real Life Hero

We seem to live in times of social contradictions. On one hand education and rights of women are being encouraged and focussed and on the other attacks and abuses on women continue unabated. Acid attacks have been a major concern in this respect and one of most heinous crimes.
This time it is Manisha (a real life character).

She is a girl who wanted to stand on her own feet. And she had to pay the price for her ambitions. She was acid-attacked by her lover. But her trials and tribulations could not dampen her indomitable spirit. In a world still obsessed with fairness creams, she is ready to face life with a distorted face. She deservedly becomes the protagonist of my poetry this time. This is tribute to all Manishas in our country or elsewhere.

This is the reason why the poem is a part of Samya Karpha's album "আমার কবিতা", published by Asha Audio and music designed by Joy Sarkar.