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'Clouds' from 'Beyond the Clouds' appeared in Kolkata

Celebrated Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi was present in the city on April 13 along with actors Ghoutam Ghose and Malavika Mohanan to promote his upcoming Bollywood film, 'Beyond the Clouds'. This film is based on Majidi's earlier directed film, 'Children of Heaven'.

Ishaan Khatter and Malavika Mohana will be seen in the main roles. Vishal Bhardwaj has written dialogues for it. Music for the film has been handled by AR Rahaman. This will be the second time that the 'Maestro of Madras' will be collaborating with Majid Majidi. They had previously worked on 'Muhammad: Messenger of God' in 2015.
Interestingly, Majidi's films did not have much memorable music in it. In this film, Rahaman has tried working his magic. The tracks are conventional at it's best. They bring forth the typical Bolly street flavour in them. 'Holi' (which is only of 90 seconds) and 'Ala re Ala' have a lot of instruments in them- Dhol, Tasha, Shehnai. These instruments have been used to convey the typical Indian jocularity during the festive seasons.

Alongside the presence of Bolly overtones, 'Beyond The Clouds' also has Majidi's realism. The film is about human relationships, and particularly about brother and sister relationship. The lead actors will be playing the role of siblings. Amir, 19 (Ishaan Khatter) is a peddler. He is on the run from the police, following a drug bust. In order to protect him, his sister Tara (Malavika Mohanan) finds herself in jail. The film is about how inspite of distress and hopefulness, they eventually find absolution from beyond the clouds. This film is about family, relationships and love.

Malavika Mohanan

'Beyond the Clouds' has been premiered at the 2017 BFI London Film Festival and The International Film Festival of India (IFFI) at Goa in November last year. How much Indian audience and box office will accept the film will be revealed in time. It is slated for a release on April 20.
Indian Bong wishes the Team "Beyond The clouds" all the best for it's upcoming release.
Recently Team "Beyond The clouds" came to Kolkata For promotion and we captured Some precious moments in our lens:

Team Beyond The Clouds

Majid Majidi