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The Lesser Known Weekend Getaways ..

Every year uncountable travellers and tourists come to Kolkata to explore this beautiful, culturally vibrant city in India. It is needless to say that Kolkata presents myriad attractions for travellers and tourists coming to the city from various parts of the world. There are innumerable popular weekend destinations near Kolkata, which have been probably visited by almost every Kolkatan.
Enlisted below are 5 lesser known weekend getaways from Kolkata. You will be surprised to know that such amazing places exist in close proximity to the city.

1. Duarsini

If tranquility and serenity is what you are looking for during the weekend, Duarsini is the place to be. Just 13 kilometers from Burdwan, this tribal village is peaceful in real terms. The bucolic serenity of the village is an endearing factor.

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Walk amidst dark and cool shades of forests of shimul, palash, shal and piyal trees. The Satgurang River flowing past the village imparts an enigmatic charm to the small place. Another thing that is sure to captivate you is the reverberating sound of the madal. Madal is a tribal drum, which people play in such areas.

2. Sonajhuri Forest

When the concrete structures of cities starts disturbing and suffocating you, it is time for retreat to nature. If you are looking for a quiet retreat, plan visiting the Sonajhuri Forest. The forest is slightly ahead of Shantiniketan and is an offbeat weekend destination near Kolkata.

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The meandering village roads, the untouched forests and the flowing Kopai River – all these together make Sonajhuri Forest a great place for soothing your tired mind and body. You will also have great opportunities of exploring and enjoying the local art and culture that the place offers.

3. Pirates Party Adventure Sail

A completely new kind of pirate theme based soft adventure has started near Kolkata, West Bengal for all those adventure seekers out there. This is perfect for a one night stay near Kolkata.
Pirates party adventure sail is a one of its kind soft adventure tour into the backwater of Bengal in a new region called New Bakkhali, near Sagar Island and Sundarbans.

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Pirates party sail is a 2-day and 1-night soft adventure weekend destination near Kolkata with boat stay and other fun activities like
  • Night Cruise & Boat party
  • Bon Fire and Camping
  • River Creek Anchorage & Jungle Safari
  • Visit to Bhagbatpur Crocodile Sanctuary
  • Sail through the rivers and ocean into this untouched beach with lots of fun activities.

4. Maithan

Maithan is located on the Barakar River, Kolkata. Located in the coal belt of India, Maithan is primarily developed around the Maithan Dam. There is pristine beauty that the place offers with clear blue waters of the dam and some small hills nearby.

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Right in the middle of the dam is a small island that simply looks like an inverted spoon. The place has a different kind of beauty in the monsoons. You can enjoy boating in the dam waters. Other attractions in Maithan include a deer park and the Kalyaaneshwari Temple.

5. Parmadan Deer Forest

Also known as Bibhutibhushan Wildlife Sanctuary, the Parmadan Forest cum sanctuary is located in North 24-Parganas and is a great destination for same day picnics as well as for weekend getaway from Kolkata. The Ichamati River flows through the sanctuary giving the place unique charm.

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A boat ride in the river is also a great experience. The Parmadan forest is home to almost 250 deer and they can be seen frequently in the forest. For accommodation, there is a guest house in the forest area. Prior bookings have to be made for the same as it is one of the famous tourist places near West Bengal.
Getting to these destinations is not difficult. You just need to have that travel-thirsty soul to search for the less frequented destinations. Enjoy your weekends at these amazing places in the lap of Mother Nature!