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Onek Diner Pore- a walk down the memory lane.

Thinking Hats Entertainment Solution present "অনেক দিনের পরে" written and directed by Debarati Gupta.

The story revolves around the memories, gossips, secrets of teenage girls who're grown ups now and have there life settled accordingly.After years Swagata a film's character takes the initiative to reunite their batchmates of 1999. Soon she discovers only four among the 150 girls turn up.

When the reunion of four school friends takes place we can well imagine the spicy gossips, ego trips , the childhood secrets begin to unwind. The movie is all about the four friends and their relationship with each other some are sworn enemies some supersede each other in terms of qualifications or finance. They reveal their darkest of secrets that might bring them into despair. Some of them reconcile with each other.

The leading ladies of the film are Swastika Mukherjee,  as Swagata, Sudipta Chakraborty as Debolina, Rupanjana Mitra as Sayantani, and Palomi Ghosh as Kuhu.

They have wrapped up there shooting all eyes are set on the movie's interesting plots. We are looking forward to a new and fresh script along with great acting and the star cast has raised the bar high. All good wishes to the team of "অনেক দিনের পরে" .

Swastika Mukherjee

Writer & Director : Debarati Gupta
Sudiptaa Chakraborty
Rupanjana Mitra
Palomi Ghosh