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Top 5 Indian female Instagrammers,who will make you step out of your room

What do you expect from a wanderer's Instagram account?Beautiful landscapes,historic monuments,architectures and sort of some well-captured travel photography,isn't it?

So to quench your wanderlust thirst,we are here with top 5 Indian female Instagrammers,who will obviously attract you to go out and see the world around you.

1. mishti.and.meat:

mishti.and.meat a.k.a Shramona Poddar is taking her followers right to various scenically beautiful places.She mainly captures the beauty of mountain areas.This bong beauty's Instagram handle will give you some serious travel goals.Currently she has 71.9k followers and she is doing great.You will get the chirping feel if you follow her.Some amazing travel photographies with grear captions!Follow her soon.
Source: @mishti.and.meat


Kamya Buch loves to capture happening things.Her account is a colorful one.The girl of Pravati Valley has already reached Portugal having 30.8k followers on Instagram.
Such an interesting person she is,plus her clicks are marvellous.She lives life the fullest.Ohh,She is a fashionista too.Go,see her clicks now!!!

 Source: @wanderingkamya

3. bijiniswoman:

She goes for the some real bold colors.You will get to see some jaw-dropping landscapes while going through her Insta grid.She is bijniswoman a.k.a Stuti Ashok Gupta.who has always been a traveler.She loves to encourage people to travel through her wonderful clicks.A colorful lady with some colorful clicks!Presently,she owns 10.4k followers on Instagram.

P.S:She is a psychotherapist!

 Source:  @bijiniswoman

4. mytraveldiaryblog:

Upasana Malik is the holder of this account.She loves to capture nooks and crannies of a place,where she goes.She searches for the life in the middle of a street.A seeker she is,cheers to her!
You will see vibrance,you will feel the life if you follow this cute young lady who owns 20.2k followers on Instagram.

Hurry up,follow her!!

 Source: @mytraveldiaryblog

5. overrated_outcast:

Bengali she is!Trishita Bhattacharya's grid comes with happiness,colors and all the vibrant things of a destination,She stops and captures anything,that is colorful and jolly in nature.She has also a sister,named Tulika Bhattacharya,who is in the same path as her and inspires her a lot.

Do you know that she is an advocate??Yeah she is!!So basically it seems an advocate loves adventures too.
Right now she is having 78k followers on Instagram.

You must be in her followers list,I am in already!

Source : @overrated_outcast

These are our favourite top 5,there are more in the favourite list like onnona,brewing.latte,Naina Gaulahat,Sakshi Parikh,Sakshi Bharwani,Deepti Asthana,Shivya etc.

So,what are you waiting for?Just pack your bag and bas nikal padho!