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And the Spring has come...

Now that the winter has gone, let's get ourselves adjust with the heat and sun! The Spring has come. The weather is a  warm sometimes. Sometimes you feel a little breeze playing with your hairs in the evening, and you feel cool! With the winter away, and summer just on the doorstep Spring is the time when our skin and hair undergoes a lot of stress. We generally ignore this transitory phase in weather. Here are some tips which we should include in our Spring regime for healthy skin, hair and overall health in general.

1. Drink enough water. Doctors advise to daily drink 8-12 glasses of water everyday.

2. ‎A lot of trees and plants bloom during this season. So there is abundance of pollen grains in the air. It causes allergies and respiratory diseases in many. Grasses and bushes should be trimmed. Those who are prone to allergies, should use air purifiers! You may wear a mask to keep away the pollens and allergens.

3. ‎Include Vitamin C in your diet. Make friends with lemons to stay healthy in spring.

4. ‎Did you know our skin becomes most sensitive during Spring? Well you may use a bit of serum on your skin as well. Use a good quality face serum that has moderate levels of retinol in it.

5. ‎Add salt in your bath water to reduce puffiness. It will also help with body aches and tiredness.

6. ‎Exfoliate your skin regularly. Use good quality scrubs to clear the dead cells off your skin.

7. ‎Start using sunscreen from now on! Do not wait for the summer to arrive to buy your sunscreen. Ensure that your sunscreen has SPF, and protects your skin from UVA and UVB, both.

8. ‎Have a cup of tea. Yes TEA. Tea has antioxidants that will help you combat the weather change.

9. ‎Choose a lotion for your skin that has ceramides in it.

10. ‎And lastly, stay happy and smile! Because a smile (in every hour at the minimum) keeps  health in place!
Happy Spring!!

- Prarthana Mahato.