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Mohammad Shami gets into serious trouble...

Mohammad Shami,asset of Indian cricket team is in real trouble.
Hasin Jahan,wife of Shami has accused him of having extra marital affairs with multiple women and having tortured her mentally and physically for more than two years,even with attempts to kill her.
She also claimed that she found contraceptive pills hidden in his BMW.
She posted various screenshots of Whatsapp and Messenger chats on her Facebook account.
Those screenshots indicate that he was meeting up with more than one woman and sexual content is clear in these chats.

She even alleged that his family also tortured her to a high extent.
Shami's dedication got proved when he took 6 wickets in the India vs. New Zealand match while his daughter was in ICU.
Now,this news has left us shell-shocked.

Shami's representative chose not to comment anything on this controversial issue.