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For years, the spread of education has lighted the minds of human beings. Education has removed illiteracy and replaced ignorance with knowledge. Teachers impart education to students, right from elementary levels – when they are in the kindergartens and all through their academic lives in school. Then they step into college and the same process is repeated. In this manner, the teachers pave the road to a brighter future. The world has seen several dedicated teachers who have all contributed towards making a better world.

In recent times, the spread of Computer Education has become highly important. And why not? This important device has found its use in almost every sector of the human society! So much so that it has become nearly impossible to stay aloof from the digital world today. In every sphere and every job, the utilization of computers has become significantly larger over the last decade.
Most governments are now conducting digital learning campaigns so that citizens are able to become familiar with the digital devices. They are also introducing different computer courses, which the students can enrol into, to learn and study about computers. Once the students are familiar with the functioning, they can then register into several e-learning programmes or distance learning curriculum.

One important topic in this field is the proper knowledge of the MS Office package. Countries all over the world require candidates to be conversant with MS Office for good job prospects. The reasons are obvious, from typing a simple text document to making Power Point Presentations – everything can be done through MS Office.
Thus it becomes important to talk about a certain teacher in Ghana, who has become very popular over the internet. Pictures of him teaching his students, have gone viral and for good reason. His dedication towards his duty is remarkable. Richard Appiah Akoto is a teacher in the Betenase M-A Junior High School. This school is located in Ghana's Sekyedomase town. He started teaching his students about computers but soon realised the problem of the lack of a computer. Obviously, there are practical concepts which can only be demonstrated on a computer system. However, there was no such system in his school. Therefore he began drawing things on the blackboard, to make the children understand better.

Over the days, he drew hardware devices, software application screens and the various other bars present in the different windows. When the time came for him to teach Microsoft Word, he drew the entire MSWord window on the blackboard and then demonstrated the usage of the software as well as its varied functionalities. The students are used to him teaching in this manner! His efforts were finally rewarded when his pictures were seen by the heads in NIIT, India. They were impressed with his devotion and decided to gift the school with five desktop systems and a laptop – to facilitate the smooth conduction of the classes.

The above is a perfect example of the power of human determination! One should always show such conviction when it comes to making the people computer literate. This is because, very soon, the basic familiarity with computers is going to develop into a mandate from an optional state!
- Soumya Ranjan Mukherjee