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I have been writing the technological blogs on this website for quite some time. But I have never really discussed what it really is that I write on. I am pretty sure the readers have often wondered the sphere that I deal with and the topics that I cover. To be honest, I do not follow any strict content or “syllabus”. Hence I try to include all the latest releases and in demand technologies in the various writings of mine. However, this blog is to discuss about a few of the contents that I will be dealing with in near future.

Does a blog on technology only cover IT, software and gadgets? Definitely. There is a lot more to it than that. Every year we find loads of advancements in all fields of technology. Be it lifestyle, entertainment, multimedia, IT, aviation or even automobile. Developments are there everywhere. Thus it is only fair for me to discuss these areas as well, along with the regular discussions on gadgets, devices and programming languages.
Some of the topics, from the broad range of technological developments, that I plan to expand to in future, are as given below.


It is true that smartphones have replaced a lot of devices today, including watches. Therefore it becomes important to keep track of them. However, how many times have we not checked the latest releases of the smart watches? We have often ordered watches online and eagerly waited for their delivery. Once delivered to us, we have happily put them on, to check the time. Therein lies the need to cover this topic. There are excellent watchmakers out there and popular brands which have shown promise and impressive progress in making elegant watches. Watches are instruments of precision - German and Swiss ones being the most ordered. Thus I will be writing about these in time.


Automobile Engineering and designing of brand new cars is in vogue now. We have often seen drool-worthy cars cruising on the road and on advertisements. There is science, art, designing and engineering involved in the development of the mechanisms in cars. Therefore this becomes an important topic to be aware about.


Although it is difficult to get hold of the internal improvements in aircrafts, I will try to keep track of the latest technologies that go behind making aeroplanes. The quality of fuel, shape of wings, streamlining of the aircraft-body and the associated mechanisms, often become interesting to learn about.


Technology is involved even in sports. The designing of balls, wickets, goal structures, rackets and other goods are important in terms of the technical knowledge invested in making them. Without this, the world of sports would not be functional. Even race-cars undergo technological advancements, which again brings us to the sphere of Automobiles.


Other instruments and devices include Chimneys, Mixers, Water filters, Air conditioners, Ovens, Trimmers and several other household goods. There are important to be discussed because they are needed by us in our day-to-day lives. No one can dream of surviving without them for long. Hence comes the need to stay updated about their releases and prices, in the market.
So I will probably be signing off here with the following words: Keep Calm and Stay Tuned!!
- Soumya Ranjan Mukherjee