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Single's Day on Valentine's Day.

Does it matter what "Day" it is, Valentine's Day? or "Single's Day" or "Doom's Day"? 
Well, who cares! 
For singles all over the world, every day is a "Single Day" and 14th February is a "A-Day" (A for Annoying)/ "D-Day” (D for Doom's) / "N-Day" (N for No Day) or "S-Day". Semantics, right? 
It may be fun, mushy, extravagant day for the couples. But for singles this day is like, "Oh fuck! The nyaka Day". Off course when you see couples walking in parks holding hands and whispering sweet nothings, you look at your own two hands and wish for a Rahul or Raj. Ah sigh! But then you remember you have sworn off men for good. Ah damn...but then you see a hot guy with a not so hot girl making you think, "All the fine ones are taken”. Face-palm! Indian Bong on Valentine's Day err...on Singleton Day comes to your rescue. 

All that you should do:

1) Experiment your make up skills at home. Because face it you are not gonna leave home today. ;-)

2. ‎Cook your favourite dish.

3. ‎Call your single friends. Gossip with them.

4. ‎Reading a good book beats anything and everything.

5. ‎And for all those brave hearts who are brave enough to venture outside-Shop till you drop! The price tags will certainly take your mind off the hand holding, made up couple. Right??

So... Single's Day sorted? Tell us in the comment section how did you spend your Single Day on Valentine's Day.