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The latest introduction of Beoplay, its premium headphones, are scheduled to release in the later part of 2018. These incorporate interesting features like advanced noise cancellation, proximity sensors, and are wireless, via Bluetooth. These headphones will be available in two different colours – Black and Beige. According to reports, both have attractive appearances.
Beoplay H9i headphones have a stylish aluminium touch panel and smooth stitched cowhide leather headband. The touch panel provides us with the control over our music and songs. These over-ear wireless headphones come in new longer-lasting models, which make them hardy and improve durability.
A retuning of the sound has been done by the company and it announces that the H9i is:
“designed to overwhelm you with precision, power, and detail.”

Beoplay H9i (Black)

But the major improvements, compared to the previous ones, include shifting to USB-C for charging and an added four hours of playtime. Thus, the battery life is of 18 hours in totality.
As far as design is considered, the ear cushions have been made slimmer than the previous models and there has been an update in the external appearance. The H9s were reported to be comfy and the new model has a similar feel. There has also been the addition of a bass port for reproducing bass in a more powerful and optimum manner.
An 1100mAh cell was present in the H8i, which was fixed and irreplaceable. However, the H9i has a 770mAh battery that can be replaced by the user. So the main choice here is between a smaller replaceable battery and a longer lasting, bigger one, which is fixed. Prices of H9i start at $499/ €499/ £499.
Beoplay H9i (Beige)


The requirements of people, while watching television, vary from person to person. Soundots offers a flexible sound system, in the form of the modular Soundot Speakers. They provide the option of connecting themselves together – both physically and digitally. To quote the company:
“Simply add more sound, reshape your stack or take a couple of speakers with you on the go”
As many as 65,000 of these speakers can be connected together simultaneously, which obviously makes it more attractive than other speakers.
A $290 wireless speaker, from a relatively lesser-known company, may not sound flashy, but the modular approach is compelling! The speakers need to be stacked side-by-side or on top of one another and the sound is immediately spread to the newly connected speaker. One can make a convenient ‘soundbar’ or speaker stack. Moreover the good quality of sound and the fact that high resolution audio can be supported, make these speakers have a cutting edge over the competitors!

- Soumya Ranjan Mukherjee.