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Dealing with a Break-up: 5 ways to deal with post breakup depression

Whether relationship lasted two weeks or seven years,a split in relationship can leave us shattered, broken and everything like these.
There is no instant solution to wash away the pain of a breakup.But it is essential to get over your ex and move on with strength and grace.
A break up can steal your identity but as you know,when one door gets closed, another one opens.So,always there remains a chance of a new beginning.
So,here for this new beginning we've rounded up 5 simple yet useful strategies to cope up with heart break stress.

1.Accept the fact

First you have to accept the situation. If you are still craving for him or her or you don't want to go ahead, then you're on the wrong page.Accepting will help you to move on quickly.

2.Write or talk it out.

Suppressing sad feelings is natural impulse but you should let your feelings come out in form of anything.If you want to cry,then cry.If you want to write,then do it. Just express it and maybe you'll be able to see why this didn't work.

3.Take care of yourself.

While being in a relationship,most of us try to look best in front of our partners,then after breakup we go on a 'breakup diet', don't look after ourselves.These shouldn't be done.If you can't love yourself,you can't love anybody else.Eat properly, have sleep, take care of your body.Who knows your soulmate might be coming.

4.Remind yourself of all the great things in your life.

Painful breakups can cloud your thinking so that you may have trouble thinking all the things you've achieved so far.
Try to cherish the happy and proud moments of your life.Your prize winning moments,laugh with friends...everything.You'll feel better.

5.Do things you love.

After a bad breakup, it's hard to get excited again about the things you loved earlier. But the only way to start enjoying yourself again is to do the things you love to do.Treat yourself like a king or queen.Start singing,dancing, painting, whatever you used to like to do.Watch movies,have ice creams at mid night,laugh out loud.

It's perfect time to heal all emotional wounds.Let's start it now.Best wishes.