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Friendly Punishment !

A class VI student of a residential school of Thandla, Madhya Pradesh was slapped 168 times for not completing homework. 

The child's father Shivpratap Singh complained has complained to the police authorities that the girl's science teacher, Manoj Verma asked 14 other girls of the class to slap his daughter. The girl was slapped twice by each of her 14 classmates from January 11- January 16

Mr Singh has stated in his complaint that his daughter was unwell and that's why she could't complete her homework. 

Following the incident the child refuses to go to school, and is severely distressed.
The school principal, K. Sagar has termed the punishment as "friendly". He said the punishment was meted out to help the girl in her studies. 

The District Collector has ordered investigation in the matter.

Written By: Prarthana Mahato