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Top 5 Cafe in Kolkata best for hanging out 

As it's December, most colleges and schools are going to be closed for the winter vacations, and that leaves the young generation with loads of free time to catch up with their friends;but again, when it comes to choosing the right place, everyone is left confused . 
So here we are, to help you all with our handpicked choices of cafés which are not just great for hanging out but they also serve mouth watering food!

1.  Blue Mug

The café Blue Mug is situated in the interiors of Jodhpur Park . It features an outdoor sitting space along with a smoking zone, and it's decorations are eye catching, with a predominantly blue shade everywhere. It's always quite crowded, so it's advised to go there with a little extra time in hand because chances are you'll have to wait in line to get a table. The staffs are well-mannered, and the food is undoubtedly delicious! Blue Mug is currently the go-to café for people of all ages to hang out!

2. Cha Bar

Cha Bar is most definitely a great café to unwind and for hanging out for as long as one wants. It's situated on the first floor of the iconic Oxford Bookstore at Park Street, which gives it another heads-up because everyone there is surrounded by books, great beverages and food. They serve an array of tea, as well as other drinks and food. One can also read a book sitting there in peace and nobody will be disturbing them! The staff are courteous, and they do everything to keep the customers happy!

3. Abar Baithak

Abar Baithak is a cosy café decked in an alley of Jodhpur Park. It is a haven for Feluda lovers; given that it's decorations are Feluda themed, an iconic detective character penned down by Satyajit Ray. It also has a library, a small counter of knick knacks, and they can also be bought! Abar Baithak also has a small outside sitting area which doubles as a smoking zone. It is a true “adda” zone for the people of Kolkata, and when did Bengali's say no to adda? The food and the drinks are also very tasty and are economically priced. 

4. The Chaiwala

The Chaiwala is a quaint little café sitting at a stone throw distance from Tollygunge metro station. It sports a wooden look throughout its decoration, even has a bar-styled place at one corner with high chairs and a counter, although they don't serve alcohol. The menu is very innovative, and one can spend quite a while on their own in this mostly quiet café or even can hangout with their friends! The food and the beverages served here are really good, and are moderately priced. It also has a small outdoor sitting space. 

5. Indian Coffee House

Indian Coffee House is a café which might not have air-conditioning, or lavish decorations, but it still is an attraction for people from Kolkata and outside alike; mostly because of the nostalgia. It is an all time favourite for almost every Kolkata resident. There have been songs written about this café, people whom we read about in our textbooks brainstormed at this place. Yes, it's that old! The menu here is very simple and small, but it's very economical, and undoubtedly it's the best place for a group of people to sit and talk as long as they want, and nobody will disturb or even ask them to place an order!

So we hope this guide comes handy to you all, and wishing you all a very happy holidays!