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Five must visit places in Kolkata this Christmas

Kolkata is a city known for its festivals; and it is not foreign from celebrating Christmas.  So, If you are  in Kolkata for the Christmas period  and are wondering how to spend and where to spend time, then worry not, we're here to hand you a guide to places you must visit in Kolkata on Christmas.

1. Park Street

Christmas in Kolkata is known for the celebrations which happen in Park Street. The whole street gets decked up with fairy lights, giant decorations, and there is a huge Christmas tree at the starting point of Camac Street. Celebrations go on around the street with different food stalls, small cafés, small scale business people selling Christmas merchandise, and then there are celebrations in the clubs and pubs, and big restaurants too. No matter what your budget is, if you want to see the madness surrounding Christmas in Kolkata, Park Street is your place to be!

2. St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral is the biggest cathedral in Kolkata, and undoubtedly it is the most popular one too. One could reach St. Paul's Cathedral by getting down at either Maidan metro station or at Park Street metro station. This cathedral holds a midnight mass for paying homage to the birth of the God's son, Jesus Christ. People from varied religious practice, age, caste and creed come and join the mass to experience divinity. They also have Christmas carols being performed, which is another attraction for many people.

3. New Market

New Market could be called the centre for street shopping in Kolkata, and it indeed is! You could find hidden gems here, as well as the biggest of brands! Take a stroll here, check out the tiny-tweeny things available including Christmas trees and Christmas tree decorations, go to the iconic Nahoum’s bakery which is a Jewish bakery in the old New Market, also known as Hogg Market. The cakes at Nahoum's bakery are traditionally made by the secret recipes of the family which have been owing the bakery throughout generations, and nobody should miss it at the time of Christmas, This is your place for all the Christmas shopping you want to do. 

4. Beckbagan

In the narrow alleys of Beckbagan, there lie countless small bakeries, which make one of the most lip-smacking cakes which are as well economical and therefore; have a huge sell because people from all financial background can afford them, and let's not forget how tasty they are! Some of the bakery owners rent their bakeries to specific families to let them bake their own cakes so around Christmas time you'll see rows and rows of cakes on the alleys in Beckbagan. The rich fruit cakes, dandee cakes, walnut cakes are some of the cakes available there which one must try to bring in joy in their Christmas!

5. Christmas parties .

What's Christmas without a little partying? Worry not, Kolkata has lots of parties going on for Christmas, and all you need is to get the passes and show up there to enjoy yourself! There are parties happening all over Kolkata, starting from a party happening in Masque Lounge and Bar to cruise parties at Floatel , Google up the  other parties happening all over Kolkata. If you like the thumping of loud music and crowd around yourself, one of these places are your go-to on Christmas!
Well ,that was our list of the top five places one should visit on Christmas if they happen to be in Kolkata. We hope you have a joyous Christmas and therefore wishing you a very Merry Christmas!